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Clinical Pharmacist (June 2012)

CP June 2012 cover  Clinical Pharmacist

  CP 2012;4:147-78

  June 2012

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GP surgeries need medicines expertise
R Hall
CP 2012;4:148

Editor’s choice
Whither patient safety?
M Wright
CP 2012;4:148



Aspirin after anticoagulant therapy reduces thromboembolism recurrence, data suggest
CP 2012;4:150

Alteplase within six hours of stroke improves functional outcomes
CP 2012;4:150

Elderly patients with lung cancer benefit from chemoradiotherapy
CP 2012;4:151

Pazopanib therapy shows promise for patients with metastatic soft-tissue sarcoma
CP 2012;4:151

Opioids guidance published by NICE to tackle under-treatment of pain
CP 2012;4:151

Statins benefit patients at low risk of cardiovascular events
CP 2012;4:151

Medication errors affect a third of diabetic patients in hospital
CP 2012;4:151

Avoid triple therapy for patients with pulmonary fibrosis
CP 2012;4:151

Lenalidomide improves progression-free survival but increases the risk of secondary cancers
CP 2012;4:152

Survival pack now available to support directorate pharmacists
CP 2012;4:152


News feature

Time to measure pharmacy services 
K Towers
CP 2012;4:153



Professional doctorates in public health 
S Anderson
CP 2012;4:154



Competency framework to meet the needs of all prescribers
J Brown, C Picton
CP 2012;4:157


Clinical focus

Neonatal care: pregnancy and preterm birth 
N Vasey, R Tinnion
CP 2012;4:161

Neonatal care: the sick neonate
R Tinnion, N Vasey
CP 2012;4:165

Lifelong Learning (Neonatal care)
CP 2012;4:165



Reflections of an independent prescriber
We must tackle the barriers to prescribing  
C Dixon

CP 2012;4:170


Practice tools

How to counsel cancer patients about their oral chemotherapy 
S Malton
CP 2012;4:171


Which medicines can cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome?
CP 2012;4:175


Innovation and collaboration

Joint working sees development of web-based nebuliser guidance
S Huntington, T Capstick
CP 2012;4:174



CP 2012;4:176