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Clinical Pharmacist (June 2009)

Clinical Pharmacist (June 2009)Clinical Pharmacist

CP 2009;1:251-292

June 2009

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Do practice pharmacists only help save money?
D Petty
CP 2009;1:251

Editor’s choice

Listen and learn
M Wright
CP 2009;1:251


Rivaroxaban benefit over enoxaparin shown for hip and knee replacement VTE prophylaxis
CP 2009;1:252

Intensive glucose control may reduce heart attacks
CP 2009;1:252 

Blood pressure drugs similarly effective for reducing CV events
CP 2009;1:252 

Fenofibrate use linked with fewer amputations in type 2 diabetes
CP 2009;1:254

Syllabus sets out critical care knowledge base
CP 2009;1:254 

Statins reduce stroke recurrence risk
CP 2009;1:254 

Budesonide and formoterol benefit copd patients
CP 2009;1:254

Gastrointestinal perforation risk in cancer patients treated with bevacizumab
CP 2009;1:254

Influenza pandemic and healthcare worker absentee rate
CP 2009;1:254

News feature

In case you haven’t heard the news…
G Malson, M Wright
CP 2009;1:255-257


Stimulus for change
D Gibson
CP 2009;1:258

Clinical focus

Gene therapy: Science and technology
P F Searle
CP 2009;1:261-269

Gene therapy: Applications
N Stoner
CP 2009;1:270-274

Lifelong Learning
CP 2009;1:275 

Practice tools

How to treat a patient whose INR is too high
A Husband
CP 2009;1:276-278  

Career development

Juggling management and clinical roles as you develop your career
G Malson
CP 2009;1:281-282

By the book

Empty your mind… and listen well
CP 2009;1:283


Thromboprophylaxis plus lifestyle management equals holistic care
S Millen, S Wootton
CP 2009;1:284-285


Olive oil treatment for cradle cap — can it worsen the condition?
CP 2009;1:286

Short communication

Evaluation of a team-based clinical service for surgical inpatients
J Morris, A Savage, D Armstrong
CP 2009;1:287-288


International congress on clinical pharmacy
M Wright
CP 2009;1:289

Making it happen — leadership in action
G Malson
CP 2009;1:291-292