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Clinical Pharmacist (July/August 2009)

Clinical Pharmacist (July/August 2009)Clinical Pharmacist

CP 2009;1:297-336

July/August 2009

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Who would have thought?
A Strath
CP 2009;1:299

Editor’s choice

We all need somebody to lean on
M Wright
CP 2009;1:299


Gefitinib licensed for first-line use
CP 2009;1:300

Rebound acidity following PPI use: data queried
CP 2009;1:300 

N-acetylcysteine could prevent compulsive hair pulling
CP 2009;1:300  

Rosiglitazone and cardiovascular risk
CP 2009;1:300  

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder link
CP 2009;1:300  

Retinopathy slowed in type 1 diabetes with renin-angiotensin blockers
CP 2009;1:300  

Liraglutide added to type 2 diabetes arsenal
CP 2009;1:301 

Oncology capacity planning tool could help trusts assess costs
CP 2009;1:301 

News feature

Should pharmacies prepare all monoclonal antibodies?
G Malson
CP 2009;1:302-303


Recommendations for dosing in renally impaired patients
M de Lemos
CP 2009;1:304


Having your face and name known: priceless
P Forsyth
CP 2009;1:306

Clinical focus

Paediatric meningitis: Clinical features and diagnosis
P Baines, N Reilly, A Gill
CP 2009;1:307-310

Paediatric meningitis: Treatment of bacterial infection
P Baines, N Reilly, A Gill
CP 2009;1:311-317

Lifelong Learning
CP 2009;1:318 

Learning light

Managing statin-induced myopathy
A Husband
CP 2009;1:319-320  

Contribute to Clinical Pharmacist

We want to hear from you
CP 2009;1:321

Practice tools

How to ensure the correct inhaler device is selected for each patient
S Gupta
CP 2009;1:322-323


Use of epoetin products for Jehovah’s Witnesses
CP 2009;1:324

Spotlight on medicines

V Lee
CP 2009;1:325-329

Consultant pharmacist

Expert pharmacist roles are needed to champion medication safety
G Cavell
CP 2009;1:330-331


Procurement and Distribution Interest Group
CP 2009;1:332