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Clinical Pharmacist (April 2011)


Clinical Pharmacist

CP 2011;3:97-126

April 2011

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Carving out a role for cancer networks
D Thomson
CP 2011;3:98

Editor’s choice
A professional spring clean
M Wright
CP 2011;3:98



Omalizumab reduces symptom occurrence in young people with allergic asthma
CP 2011;3:99

Funding sources rarely reported in meta-analyses
CP 2011;3:99

NICE U-turn on drugs for Alzheimer’s disease
CP 2011;3:99

Continuous and bolus furosemide are similar for acute heart failure
CP 2011;3:100

Mobile “app” developed from e-learning tool
CP 2011;3:100

Census reveals an increase in NHS pharmacist posts
CP 2011;3:100

Olmesartan delays microalbuminuria in diabetic patients
CP 2011;3:100

EMA to investigate risk of bladder cancer with pioglitazone
CP 2011;3:100

Review of antibiotic use in critical care published
CP 2011;3:100


News feature

New research model could revitalise the drug pipeline
M Wright
CP 2011;3:103



No HIV consultant on-site? Why not get the pharmacist involved...
CP 2011;3:104



Pharmacists should support the upcoming Depression Awareness Week (11–17 April 2011)
D Taylor, S Bleakley, J Donoghue
CP 2011;3:104



Reflections of an independent prescriber
Prescribing of CDs? Not soon enough
C Dixon
CP 2011;3:105


Clinical focus

Lung cancer: diagnosis and staging of disease
S Purcell, S Williamson
CP 2011;3:106-108

Lung cancer: treatment
S Williamson, S Purcell
CP 2011;3:109-114

Lifelong Learning (Lung cancer)
CP 2011;3:115



Could logarithmic dosing change the way cytotoxics are prescribed?
B Zavery, G Marsh
CP 2011;3:116-118



What is the evidence supporting the use of intravenous paracetamol?
CP 2011;3:118


Career development

How to build your professional portfolio (and why you should)
H Middleton
CP 2011;3:119-121


Innovation & collaboration

How pharmacists can add value within post-take ward rounds
A Lo, S Bishop
CP 2011;3:122-123


Original papers

An audit of compliance with warfarin prescribing guidance
U Chouhan, R Omar
CP 2011;3:124


Case report

Did the concomitant use of iloprost and warfarin cause increased INR?
C Herring, V Shallcross
CP 2011;3:125-126



UKCPA autumn symposium 2010
Award-winning abstracts
CP 2011;3:S1-S8

Primary Care Pharmacists Association (PCPA)
Bulletin (April 2011)
CP 2011;3:insert