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Pharmaceutical Journal (1 August 2009): Selected contents

Pharmaceutical Journal (1 August 2009)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2009;283:116, 123-140

1 August 2009

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Leading article

A tall order in a short time
PJ 2009;283:116


Product news
PJ 2009;283:123

Broad spectrum

The European Court of Justice should rule on the matter of RP regulations
PJ 2009;283:124

Why the new responsible pharmacist regulations will not protect the public
PJ 2009;283:125 


Letters for 1 August
PJ 2009;283:126-127


Distinct, custom-built, strict, strategic and agile: pharmacy’s new regulator
PJ 2009;283:128


An example of problems that arise from clinical trials and how to avoid them
PJ 2009;283:129-130

Rational drug design — designing a molecule that binds to a target
PJ 2009;283:131-132

An overview of the Society’s CHRE performance review for 2008–09
PJ 2009;283:133

What is the value of medicines and innovation for the patient?
PJ 2009;283:134-135


European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-line Wholesalers
PJ 2009;283:136

Book reviews

Martindale’s drugs restricted in sport pocket companion
edited by Sean C. Sweetman
PJ 2009;283:137

Clarke’s analytical forensic toxicology
edited by Sue Jickells and Adam Negrusz
PJ 2009;283:137

Oxford handbook of complementary medicine
by Edzard Ernst, Max H. Pittler, Barbara Wider and Kate Boddy
PJ 2009;283:137

Crime scene to court: the essentials of forensic science
edited by P. C. White
PJ 2009;283:137


Topical observations
PJ 2009;283:138

The Society

Law and ethics bulletin
Dispensing overseas prescriptions
PJ 2009;283:139

Medicines, ethics and practice | August 2009 amendments
PJ 2009;283:140