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Pharmaceutical Journal (12 September 2009): Selected contents

Pharmaceutical Journal (12 September 2009)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2009;283:258, 267-286

12 September 2009

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No change there, then
PJ 2009;283:258

Does BPC need a further makeover?
PJ 2009;283:258


Product news
PJ 2009;283:267

Drug tariff updates | September prescriptions
PJ 2009;283:267

Leo Pharma UK product distribution
PJ 2009;283:267

Broad spectrum

How immigration rules affect pharmacy
PJ 2009;283:268


Letters for 12 September
PJ 2009;283:269-271


Making a commitment to pharmacy
PJ 2009;283:272

The technology and techniques used in the detection of pathogenic bacteria
PJ 2009;283:281-282

Creating a tool to improve anticipatory prescribing in palliative care
PJ 2009;283:283-284 

Learning and development

Specialising in nutrition: why pharmacists should take note
PJ 2009;283:273-274, 280

PJ Online: Check your learning
PJ 2009;283:274

CPD: Parenteral nutrition in adults: the basics
PJ 2009;283:275-278

Get prepared to offer influenza vaccinations
PJ 2009;283:279

Bath offers new CPD for advanced practitioners
PJ 2009;283:279 

Drug interactions: Potential interactions with antidiabetic drugs
PJ 2009;283:280


Topical observations
PJ 2009;283:285

The Society

Law and ethics bulletin
Updated advice on supply of over-the-counter medicines containing codeine or dihydrocodeine
PJ 2009;283:286