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Pharmaceutical Journal (3 October 2009): Selected contents

The Pharmaceutical Journal (3 October 2009)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2009;283:346, 353-372

3 October 2009

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Lessons to be learnt
PJ 2009;283:346

Problems are similar the world over
PJ 2009;283:346


Product news
PJ 2009;283:353

DRUG ALERT: Cervarix HPV vaccine
PJ 2009;283:353

DRUG ALERT: Phenergan elixir
PJ 2009;283:353

Broad spectrum

It is easy to forget pharmacy services are a small ticket item in PCT land
PJ 2009;283:354


Letters for 3 October 2009
PJ 2009;283:355-358


Current research and development into new antibacterial agents
PJ 2009;283:359-360

The new professional body’s website
PJ 2009;283:361


FIP congress 2009
Responsibility for patient outcomes — are you ready?
PJ 2009;283:362-369


Topical observations
PJ 2009;283:370

The Society

MEP: Medicines, ethics and practice | October 2009 amendments
PJ 2009;283:371 

Responsible pharmacist — “Then and now”
PJ 2009;283:372