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Pharmaceutical Journal (7 November 2009): Selected contents

The Pharmaceutical Journal (7 November 2009)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2009;283:496, 503-520

7 November 2009

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Leading articles

Shooting the messenger
PJ 2009;283:496

Where is the dispensing error guidance?
PJ 2009;283:496


Product news
PJ 2009;283:503

BNFC 2009
PJ 2009;283:503

MEDICAL DEVICE ALERT: prostate screening
PJ 2009;283:503

Broad spectrum

Clostridium difficile — the increasing threat of decreasing treatment options
PJ 2009;283:504


Letters for 7 November
PJ 2009;283:505-508

Reviews (exhibition)

A splash of colour for the winter: new stories behind the Wellcome images
PJ 2009;283:509-510


An overview of cancer treatments
PJ 2009;283:511-512

Calling all pharmacists! Who is going to lead the new professional body?
PJ 2009;283:513

Now is time to mobilise the profession
PJ 2009;283:514


Lambeth’s 17th century plant hunters
PJ 2009;283:515

The actress and the torpedo
PJ 2009;283:515

Who wrote that Petronius quote?
PJ 2009;283:515 

The Society

MEP: Medicines, ethics and practice | November 2009 amendments
PJ 2009;283:516 

My career

Variety and newness add spice to life
A yearning to develop a wide range of technical and professional skills inspired Sophia Andeh to pursue her fulfilling career in medical information
PJ 2009;283:520