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Pharmaceutical Journal (5 December 2009): Selected contents

The Pharmaceutical Journal (5 December 2009)

The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2009;283:606, 613-636

5 December 2009

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Two double issues will be published by The Journal to cover the Christmas and New Year period.

The issue dated 19/26 December will close for news and letters at 1pm on Tuesday 15 December.

The 2/9 January 2010 issue will close at 1pm on Tuesday 5 January.

Notice concerning the retention fee process for 2010

For the attention of all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on either Part 1 or Part 2 of the Society’s Registers.

In accordance with rule 7(7) of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (Registration) rules 2007, if you have not received an application form for retention on the Register by 10 December 2009, you must notify the Registrar accordingly.

You can do this by e-mailing or by telephoning 020 7572 2322.

The retention fee is due and payable by 1 January 2010.

Leading article

Avoid soft targets
PJ 2009;283:606

News feature

Pharmacy regulation: change is coming
PJ 2009;283:613-614


Product news
PJ 2009;283:615

DRUG ALERT: Acetylcysteine
PJ 2009;283:615

Fuel surcharge (AAH)
PJ 2009;283:615

Lithium therapy (resources)
PJ 2009;283:615

Medicines funding (e-learning)
PJ 2009;283:615

Phenylketonuria website
PJ 2009;283:615

Prescribing framework
PJ 2009;283:615

Correction: Online focus groups
PJ 2009;283:615

Broad spectrum

Homoeopathy’s emerging credibility?
PJ 2009;283:616


Letters for 5 December
PJ 2009;283:617-622


How pharmacists could save lives by cutting pharmaceutical carbon
PJ 2009;283:623-624

Original papers

Does secondary care impact on primary care prescribing performance?
PJ 2009;283:625-626

Survey of the prescribing of tramadol hydrochloride in primary care for patients over 65 years of age
PJ 2009;283:627-631

Reviews (books)

Cancer chemotherapy: basic science to the clinic
by Rachel Airley
PJ 2009;283:632

Taking the lead in patient safety: how healthcare leaders influence behaviour and create culture
by Thomas R. Krause and John H. Hidley
PJ 2009;283:632

MMR: science and fiction — exploring the vaccine crisis
by Richard Horton
PJ 2009;283:632

Non-medical prescribing in health care practice: a toolkit for students and practitioners
edited by Dawn Brookes and Anne Smith
PJ 2009;283:632


A world free of smallpox for 30 years
PJ 2009;283:633

Dangers of eating anchovies
PJ 2009;283:633

De Quincey and attitudes to opium
PJ 2009;283:633

The Society

MEP: Medicines, ethics and practice | December 2009 amendments
PJ 2009;283:634 

My career

Caring for prisoners’ health needs
PJ 2009;283:636