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Pharmaceutical Journal (6 February 2010): Selected contents

The Pharmaceutical Journal (6 February 2010)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2010;284:122, 129-145

6 February 2010

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Leading article

Bin your scissors — finally?
PJ 2010;284:122

News feature

Making patients’ experiences better
PJ 2010;284:129-130


Product news
PJ 2010;284:131

PJ 2010;284:131

Alcohol damage (NHS campaign)
PJ 2010;284:131

Apotex distribution
PJ 2010;284:131

Bayer diabetes distribution
PJ 2010;284:131

NHS Evidence (advisory committee)
PJ 2010;284:131

Society conference (2010): submissions invited
PJ 2010;284:131

Diabetes starter pack
PJ 2010;284:131

Information governance
PJ 2010;284:131

Broad spectrum

Remote supervision is here already
PJ 2010;284:132


Letters for 6 February
PJ 2010;284:133-135

Learning and development

Choosing a suitable wound dressing
PJ 2010;284:136

Asking the pharmacist — questions from practice
Migraines and amitriptyline
PJ 2010;284:136


Current advances and research in the treatment of pancreatic cancer
PJ 2010;284:137-138

Original papers

Care home managers’ views of services provided by community pharmacies
PJ 2010;284:139-140

Reviews (books)

Symptom management in advanced cancer
by Robert Twycross, Andrew Wilcock and Claire Stark Toller
PJ 2010;284:141

The Maudsley: prescribing guidelines
by David Taylor, Carol Paton and Shitij Kapur
PJ 2010;284:141

WHO model formulary 2008
by World Health Organization
PJ 2010;284:141


Why laughter may be the best medicine
PJ 2010;284:142

Möbius’s infinitely interesting strip
PJ 2010;284:142

Celebrating the power of invention
PJ 2010;284:142

The Society

Law and ethics bulletin
New additions to the list of Controlled Drugs
PJ 2010;284:145