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Pharmaceutical Journal (1 May 2010): Selected contents

The Pharmaceutical Journal (1 May 2010)The Pharmaceutical Journal

PJ 2010;284:412, 418-437

1 May 2010

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Leading articles

Want not, waste not
PJ 2010;284:412

Still in the dark?
PJ 2010;284:412

News feature

Can these pharmacy leaders help you decide how you will vote on 6 May?
PJ 2010;284:418-419


Product news
PJ 2010;284:420

Bayer products
PJ 2010;284:420

ConvaTec packaging design standardised
PJ 2010;284:420

PJ 2010;284:420

Oncology Awards 2010 applications sought
PJ 2010;284:420

Non-medical prescribing case studies
PJ 2010;284:420

New MyNPC areas
PJ 2010;284:420

Pain management leaflet
PJ 2010;284:420


Letters for 1 May 2010
PJ 2010;284:421-423


We need guidance for middle managers and to keep P medicines out of reach
PJ 2010;284:424


New solution for old problem: how to  reduce the volume of waste medicines
PJ 2010;284:425-428

Current research and development of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
PJ 2010;284:429-430

Work with strategic health authorities to effect real professional change
PJ 2010;284:432-433

Learning and development

Orlistat and possible drug interactions that can affect over-the-counter sales
PJ 2010;284:431


Beware the nocebo effect
PJ 2010;284:434

From Planet X to “minor planet 134340 Pluto”
PJ 2010;284:434

May Day ’obby ’osses
PJ 2010;284:434

The Society

Law and ethics bulletin
Disposal of discarded or unused packaging
PJ 2010;284:435

MEP: Medicines, ethics and practice | May 2010 amendments
PJ 2010;284:436-437