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Learning and development

Learning and development

Want to update your knowledge? Choose a topic from our large archive of CPD articles (with free “Check your learning” and “Ask the expert” functions to support your learning), clinical examples from the BNF and Stockley, or our “Questions from practice” series.

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It is estimated that fibroids occur in 60 per cent of women. In half of these women, these benign tumours can cause a range of symptoms, from heavy menstrual bleeding to constipation, and pharmacists are in a good position to give advice. Read our CPD article to gain a better understanding of this common condition. 

We also turn our attention to recent headlines about hypertension. Should blood pressure targets be relaxed? Do antihypertensives do more harm than good? These issues might affect what patients think about their medicine and whether they keep taking it, and a “Question from practice” discusses the advice you could give.

Finally, we visit palliative care, with a Prescribing & medicines management piece on nausea and vomiting and a BNF case study on dealing with worsening pain.