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Conceptual image of stroke (Skypixel/Dreamstime)

Pharmacist-led care of stroke patients sees improved lipid levels

Pharmacist-led care of patients with a recent stroke leads to a significant improvement in cardiovascular (CV) risk factors...


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  1. Hand washing (Radu Sebastian/

    Hand washing before and after every patient contact will help reduce infections, says NICE

    Hand washing plugged as way of cutting infection rates

    17 Apr 14 | 13.35 | England Wales

    Thorough hand washing before and after every episode of direct patient contact or care will help reduce the transmission of healthcare-associated infections...

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  2. RPS & Gazette (19 April 2014)

    17 Apr 14 | 14.24 | England Scotland Wales

    A breakdown of what this week's Your RPS and Gazette sections have to offer

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  3. Hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir gains £18.7m in NHS funding

    17 Apr 14 | 14.07 | England

    NHS England has allocated £18.7m for sofosbuvir, despite the hepatitis C drug having not yet been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)...

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  4. Brimonidine gel launched for reduction of erythema associated with rosacea

    17 Apr 14 | 12.24 | England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

    Patients with rosacea can now be treated for the facial redness caused by the condition..

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  5. ABPI criticises Roche for withholding Tamiflu data from Cochrane reviewers

    17 Apr 14 | 11.54 | England

    The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has criticised Roche following publication of a Cochrane review of the company’s anti-influenza drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir)...

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  6. Niche medicines make up over half of global research pipeline, reveals APBI

    16 Apr 14 | 16.55 | England Scotland Wales

    Over half of all medicines in the global research pipeline are speciality medicines...

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  7. What primary care teams in Devon believe pharmacy can deliver

    16 Apr 14 | 16.53 | England

    Clinical leaders from a range of professions were brought together by the Devon Local Pharmaceutical Committee to lend their views to NHS England’s call to action

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  8. Dutch research links atrial fibrillation risk to current or recent use of NSAIDs

    16 Apr 14 | 16.45 | International

    Current or recent use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is associated with an increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF)...

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  9. GP access a question of timing

    16 Apr 14 | 16.39 | England

    The announcement this week that over seven million patients in England are to benefit from extended GP opening hours sounds impressive at first. But with over 56 million people registered with GPs in England one might argue that too few will notice a difference.

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  10. European Medicines Agency starts two new safety reviews looking at codeine and testosterone

    16 Apr 14 | 16.39 | EU

    The European Medicines Agency is embarking on a review of codeine-containing medicines when used for cough and cold in children...

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