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  1. European agency takes flexible approach to new drugs to improve patient access

    20 Mar 14 | 16.20 | EU

    The European Medicines Agency is piloting a process for licensing new medicines that aims to improve timely access for patients...

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  2. Strengthened drowsiness warnings proposed for zolpidem-containing medicines

    10 Mar 14 | 18.41 | EU

    Strengthened warnings about the risk of next-day drowsiness after taking zolpidem are set to be included in revised product information... more >

  3. European restrictions planned for domperidone in light of heart effects

    7 Mar 14 | 16.15 | EU

    New European restrictions have been proposed for domperidone, which is available as a pharmacy and prescription-only medicine in the UK... more >

  4. Asthma drug omalizumab approved for treatment of urticaria

    7 Mar 14 | 14.31 | EU

    The monoclonal antibody omalizumab (Xolair) has been approved by the European Commission as an add-on therapy for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria... more >

  5. Heroin overdoses tackled with naloxone nasal spray pilot in Norway

    6 Mar 14 | 11.52 | England EU

    Researchers in Norway have developed a new naloxone nasal spray that could soon be given to drug users to reduce harm and deaths from heroin overdoses... more >

  6. Teva launches new pegylated filgrastim for reduction of neutropenia

    27 Feb 14 | 14.13 | England EU Scotland Wales

    Teva has launched a new pegylated form of filgrastim. It is licensed for reduction of duration of neutropenia...

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  7. EMA decides strontium ranelate should remain available for certain patients

    24 Feb 14 | 17.03 | EU

    Strontium ranelate will remain a treatment option for osteoporosis patients who have no previous cardiovascular disease...

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  8. Bladder instillation not backed by NICE

    21 Feb 14 | 14.25 | EU Wales

    Only limited evidence exists to support the off-label use of dimethyl sulfoxide for patients with interstitial cystitis... more >

  9. Reduced risk of cervical lesions following HPV vaccine campaign, finds Danish study

    21 Feb 14 | 14.21 | England EU Scotland Wales

    Young women who have been vaccinated against human papilloma virus have fewer cervical lesions... more >

  10. European Medicines Agency to approach GSK after respiratory pharmacists raise concerns about Relvar Ellipta

    20 Feb 14 | 11.44 | England EU Scotland Wales

    The European Medicines Agency says it will approach GlaxoSmithKline to flag concerns raised by a group of respiratory pharmacists...

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