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  1. Acipimox not suitable first line for high triglycerides

    8 Jan 14 | 13.36 | EU

    Acipimox should only be used to reduce high triglyceride levels when other measures are not effective, EU medicines regulators have decided after reviewing available data...

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  2. Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity — a look at the evidence behind the headlines

    6 Jan 14 | 16.55 | England EU International Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

    Is there more to the suggestion of gluten-related problems outside the classical association with coeliac disease or wheat allergy? Kalliopi Dodou and Paul Whiteley find out more >

  3. RPS urges pharmacists who sell e-cigarettes only to sell to adults

    6 Jan 14 | 15.48 | England EU Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

    The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has said that pharmacies that choose to sell e-cigarettes should adhere to the voluntary age restrictions that apply to the products...

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  4. Look towards the future of pharmacy

    18 Dec 13 | 16.50 | England EU

    Emma Page reflects on the key events from 2013 for pharmacists and the profession

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  5. Professional publicity in comic opera — a dispensing error leads to love!

    18 Dec 13 | 15.18 | England EU

    Pharmacy and pharmacists are occasionally mentioned to good effect in comic operas. Roger Wild looks at their portrayal by librettists who worked with Sir Arthur Sullivan

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  6. Why Braille dots should be removed from European medicines packaging

    18 Dec 13 | 13.50 | EU

    Braille is yesterday’s solution. Putting Braille on packaging costs a lot of money and benefits few people, and technological advances mean it is no longer necessary

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  7. Christmas miscellany 2013

    12 Dec 13 | 12.49 | England EU International Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

    Articles published in the Christmas double issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal (21/28 December 2013)

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  8. GSK to launch once-daily combination inhaler for asthma and COPD

    11 Dec 13 | 15.17 | EU

    Patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will soon have access to a new once-daily combination inhaler... more >

  9. EU data protection plans put research at risk

    9 Dec 13 | 15.58 | England EU Northern Ireland Scotland Wales

    Research studies that use personal data will be severely impaired under plans to revise EU data protection law... more >

  10. British healthcare among poorest in western Europe

    3 Dec 13 | 12.24 | EU

    English and Scottish healthcare provision is lagging behind that in most western European countries, with the NHS needing further reform... more >