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  1. Risk of clots with combined hormonal contraceptives “small”, says EMA

    11 Oct 13 | 16.00 | EU

    The risk of venous thromboembolism in women taking combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs) is “small” and continues to be outweighed... more >

  2. Cediranib improves survival in ovarian cancer, data suggest

    11 Oct 13 | 14.14 | EU

    The biological agent cediranib improves survival in women with recurrent ovarian cancer, according to first results of the phase III ICON6 study... more >

  3. Potential for anti-CD95 drug in recurrent glioblastoma

    11 Oct 13 | 14.11 | EU

    APG101, an anti-CD95 drug, produced positive results in recurrent glioblastoma in a phase II study reported at last month’s... more >

  4. Celgene highlights risk of birth defects with pomalidomide

    11 Oct 13 | 13.51 | England EU

    Multiple myeloma medicine pomalidomide (Imnovid) may cause severe life-threatening birth defects and must not be taken... more >

  5. New treatment option for metastatic colorectal cancer

    10 Oct 13 | 13.12 | England EU Scotland Wales

    Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who cannot be treated with current therapies now have the option of treatment... more >

  6. Europe decides not to regulate e-cigarettes as medicines

    9 Oct 13 | 12.48 | England EU Scotland Wales

    Electronic cigarettes will not have to be regulated as medicines in the EU following a vote by Members...

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  7. European survey reveals how consumers view self-care

    7 Oct 13 | 20.23 | EU

    Only 9 per cent of respondents in a Europe-wide survey into self-care view it as a partnership with healthcare professionals...

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  8. Wholesalers worried about new medical devices proposals

    7 Oct 13 | 16.23 | EU

    Pharmaceutical wholesalers have expressed concern at proposals from the European Parliament’s...

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  9. Black triangle system rolled out across Europe

    1 Oct 13 | 15.17 | EU

    An inverted black triangle will be appearing in product and patient information leaflets for medicines...

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  10. Alemtuzumab approved by EMA for MS indication

    25 Sep 13 | 9.30 | EU

    Monoclonal antibody alemtuzumab has been approved by the European Medicines Agency...

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