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Is pharmacy practice research by pharmacists inherently biased?


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31% (9 votes)
69% (20 votes)
Total votes: 29

What’s this all about, then?

Inspiration for this poll came from a PJ article by an academic pharmacist.

Let’s be clear – the author doesn’t suggest pharmacy practice research is necessarily biased. But the article does play devil’s advocate, questioning the pharmacy practice research movement and whether research carried out to prove the value of the researcher might be biased by self interest.

It’s an interesting question worthy of some honest debate. What’s your take?


PJ Online team

Bias - Does the Pope have a balcony?

It is actually very difficult to undertake research which is absolutely devoid of the slightest bias. Most bias is unintentional and probably has a minimum influence on results but it can be significant. Some may recall that a few months ago, the Scottish Independence vote question had to be debated and revised to avoid inadvertent bias. There are some excellent and readable articles on bias available on the "Bandolier" website.