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Cancer treatments (series)

An overview of cancer treatments
As part of our series of science articles, Roz J. Anderson, Paul W. Groundwater, Adam Todd and Adrian Moore present the first of four articles on cancer treatments. The first provides an overview of traditional anticancer therapies, their mechanisms of action and their limitations
PJ 2009;283:511-512 (7 November 2009)

Phortress: the smart antitumour agent which induces its own metabolism
In the second of four articles on cancer treatments, Tracey Bradshaw introduces a new antitumour agent, Phortress, currently under clinical evaluation, which offers a novel mechanism of action, with a smart approach to selectivity
PJ 2010;284:23-24 (2/9 January 2010)

Current advances and research in the treatment of pancreatic cancer
In the third of four science articles on cancer treatments, Steve Williamson, Adam Todd, Roz J. Anderson and Paul W. Groundwater discuss current and novel treatments for pancreatic cancer, including one which is derived from a flower
PJ 2010;284:137-8 (6 February 2010)

Targeting the thioredoxin system in the treatment of certain cancers
In the fourth and final science article on cancer treatments, Adam Todd, Roz J. Anderson, Grace Pickles and Paul W. Groundwater look at the thioredoxin system and its association with cancer, and how it offers a new therapeutic target for anticancer drug design
PJ 2010;284:243-4 (6 March 2010)