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News from The Pharmaceutical Journal

Swine flu vaccination should continue for at-risk patients despite pandemic tail-off (online 23 February)

Seasonal flu vaccine should contain pandemic H1N1 strain (online 22 February)

Nationally agreed payments for pharmacists should have been in place for pandemic flu service provision (online 5 February)

National Pandemic Flu Service to be withdrawn in February (online 30 January)

Swine flu vaccine may be sold (online 7 January)

Pharmacists may offer children swine flu jabs (online 9 December)

Low swine flu vaccine uptake could lead to virus mutation (online 24 November)

Pregnant women to be allowed alternative swine flu vaccine  (online 24 November)

Oseltamivir prescribing guidance updated for those under six months of age (online 23 November)

Under fives next to be offered swine flu vaccine (online 20 November)

Implementing a pharmacist-led swine influenza vaccination programme (online 19 November)

Guidance issued on swine flu treatment in pregnancy (online 9 November)

No unusual reactions to swine flu vaccinations (online 2 November)

Swine flu vaccination programme due to start tomorrow (online 20 October)

Zanamivir should not be reformulated as liquid (online 16 October)

Guidance published on the management of influenza in nursing homes (online 25 September)

Changes in the dosing of oseltamivir in children announced (online 25 September)

FP10SS forms can now be used by GPs to prescribe antiviral medicines (online 25 September)

Swine flu vaccine recommended for marketing authorisation (online 25 September)

Swine flu cases start to rise again (online 18 September)

Swine flu vaccination scheme is an opportunity for pharmacists (online 16 September)

Regulator expands on emergency flu measures (online 9 September)

NHS told to include frontline pharmacists in priority H1N1 vaccination programme (online 5 September)

GPs advised how to authorise supply of swine flu antivirals (online 28 August)

Vaccination of community pharmacists against swine flu will be matter for local negotiation (online 21 August)

MHRA provides update on suspected ADRs to swine flu antivirals (online 21 August)

Pandemic arrangements could herald virtual services (online 19 August)

Priority groups announced for swine flu vaccination (online 14 August)

Swine flu antiviral safety information forefront of latest DSU (online 14 August)

Multiple antiviral courses likely for healthcare professionals (online 11 August)

New cases of swine influenza fall (online 7 August)

Swine flu and vulnerable groups (online 6 August)

Approval for temporary FTP measures in flu pandemic (online 5 August)

Emergency registration provisions for a flu pandemic (online 5 August)

Important role for pharmacists supporting vulnerable groups during pandemic (online 6 August)

NHS “stress test” will take place next month (online 4 August)

Most children report side effects from Swine flu treatment (online 3 August)

Lloydspharmacy offers advance Tamiflu supplies (online 31 July)

Scottish Government hints at who should get priority access to H1N1 vaccine (online 31 July)

Guidance aims to develop resilience of NHS staff during pandemic (online 27 July)

National pandemic flu service goes live (online 23 July)

Pregnant women should continue normal activities, despite swine flu risk (online 23 July)

Antivirals distributed to Welsh pharmacies (online 20 July)

How are primary care organisations dealing with the swine flu pandemic? (17 July)

Swine flu package for healthcare professionals developed (online 10 July)

Swine flu antiviral side effects can be reported to MHRA via dedicated online system (online 6 July)

Antivirals no longer being used to prevent spread of swine flu (online 2 July)

Pharmacists advised to contact PCOs to help them plan for flu (online 2 July)

Pandemic — notice to registrants (2 July)

Resistant swine flu strain emerges (2 July)

Swine flu case update (1 July) 

UK predicted to be in full grip of pandemic as early as September (25 June)

DoH swine flu advice for pharmacists expected in July (online 22 June)

Flu pandemic declared (online 11 June)

Relenza should be used over Tamiflu in pregnancy, Department of Health advises (6 June)

Pharmacists, along with nurses, top priority for pre-pandemic swine flu vaccination (online 15 May) 

Pharmacy bodies unite to ensure pharmacists are kept informed (16 May)

EMEA recommends longer shelf life for Tamiflu (online 12 May)

Distribution of unlicensed oseltamivir formulations for babies authorised (online 8 May)

First step towards swine flu vaccine prototype achieved (online 8 May)

DoH increases antivirals stockpile and confirms pharmacists cannot buy Tamiflu (online 8 May)

All available UK Tamiflu stock provided to Government (5 May)

Updated guidance on supply of antivirals published (1 May)

Checklist for reviewing hospital pharmacy plans published ahead of pandemic (1 May)

Swine flu triggers review of pandemic arrangements (30 April)